The idea of a ceremony for the Obligation of Canadian Engineers dates back to 1922, when seven past-presidents of the Engineering Institute of Canada attended a meeting in Montreal with other engineers. Rudyard Kipling responded to a call from the seven engineers with The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer, to be administered by the Corporation of the Seven Wardens Inc. It was instituted with the simple end of directing newly qualified Canadian engineers toward a consciousness of their profession and its social significance, and indicating to more experienced engineers their responsibilities in welcoming and supporting the newer engineers when they are ready to enter the profession. The inaugural ceremony was held in Montréal on April 25, 1925, with the first ceremony conducted on May 1, 1925 by Camp 1, Toronto. 2025 marks the 100th Anniversary of this Canadian tradition.

The Obligation Ceremony is not connected to any other engineering organization nor to any university, although many of them support the idea of the Obligation and may participate in the administration of the Ceremonies.

If you received an engineering degree from an accredited Canadian institution or can demonstrate eligibility for membership in a Canadian professional engineers’ association, you may apply to undertake the Obligation. Contact a camp near you.